Our Brands

4everSpiel includes our high-quality and robust sand and plastic items.

Includes all crafts products and everything necesary for crafting.

Babylon Blocks stands for plastic components

Stands for discovering and exploring our immediate environment.

Ballos includes all kinds of balls.

Buchstala supports educators in preparing children fort the educational requirements of schools. Get more information here.

Forchtenberger Puzzle & Spiele, stands for puzzles and games to support the development.

Our GOWI product range is focused for children aged 1 to 6 years.

Nova includes outdoor play equipment. They are appropriate for kindergarden or playgrounds.

Includes all products for mediation like Medizelt, Mediballburg etc.

Includes all sports equipment and material for promoting motion skills and body awareness.

"Sommer" stands for all kinds of indoor and outdoor cars.

Qvolution is a magnetic ball path!

Novacol stands for all kinds of colours.

Trollkarl is our brand for furnitures and equipment.

Tirila includes different musical instruments.

Zallalla products are strictly devised along pedagogical principles and let children get familiar with numbers and mathematics in a playful and positive manner. Get more information here.

Includes all wooden play figures like exotic or domestic animals, trees etc.

Kukuk stands for glue sticks.

Our Brands

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