The Company

MERLIN is an international consulting company and distributor for anything around playing, learning and creative activity.

... well, basically the humble beginnings were in a garage.

In 1994, Rolf Krämer, still a student then, founded Merlin. His grandmother´s garage served as the first stockroom. Over the years, Merlin has developed into one of the biggest direct sales compainies for toys, games and therapeutic learning and motion material in Europe.

We are suited in Forchtenberg (Germany), Mariazell (Austria) and Rüthi (Switzerland). All processes from order entry to shipping are executed here.

Orders are shipped within one work day from our warehouse and arrive at the customer within days at most. Our goods - up to 1000 parcels per day - are sure to reach even our remotest customers quickly and safely.

We are reprensted in the following countries, too:

France, Hungary, Luxembourg, Ireland

Our customers include creches, day-care centers, schools, nursing homes and all similar institutions where people of any age are occuoied with playful learning, creative design and therapeutic activities.

All in all we have 80.000 customers all over Europe. 

Our Brands

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