Is there a MERLIN catalogue that I can order?

We are constantly adding new products and special offers, so we do not distribute catalogues. But our local consultants will always have a list of the most recent status of all available products and specials.

How can I order products from MERLIN?

Just call our head office and we will hand your request to your local consultant. You can of course also call your local consultant directly.

How much are shipping costs at MERLIN?

Shipping is free for orders from 80 Euros (net) and up!

Can I get spare parts from MERLIN?

We offer spare parts for almost all of our products. Just contact us.

When will there be another flyer with special offers?

Our popular leaflets with great deals are issued regularly in summer, shortly before vacations, and in winter, shortly before Christmas.

Please ask your local consultant timely for these flyers. Or call our head office.

Does MERLIN have a direct sale?

We are asked this more and more frequently. However, our direct sale comes to you with each visit by a MERLIN consultant. Our sales representatives always have special offers or closeout items for you.

How can I become a MERLIN consultant?

There are no special requirements, but you should definitely have learned a profession. Above this, you best fit into the MERLIN family with a strong motivation, an enthusiasm for our products and the ability to convey this to other people.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us.

How do I become a MERLIN Partner Customer?

As a Partner Customer you benefit in numerous ways. If you’d like to be a Partner, please contact us.

Are there special terms for client organizations with several institutions?

Yes, MERLIN is currently a partner of numerous multi-institution clients. Please contact us for an appointment and we will inform you in depth about our special terms.


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